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Our History

Like many national organizations and group efforts, the National Lawyers Association was founded in times of adversity and opposition. The NLA was established in October 1993 by former members of the American Bar Association who were conflicted by the ABA's push of adopting extreme liberal political positions and that were contrary to their views.

Today the National Lawyers Association has grown throughout the nation to include law practitioners, judges, legal scholars and supporters committed to expanding liberty, increasing individual freedom and promoting justice and strengthening the rule of law and judicial prudence. Without regard for politics or prevailing fashion, the NLA remains dedicated to the belief that there is a national imperative to improve the legal profession, support the judicial system, and proclaim the values of America's Founding.

Our Timeline.


October 2015

New Developments

The NLA launches new brand identity. With more attorneys looking for an apolitical law association, the NLA launches a new campaign to invest in technologies and lawyer recruitment to provide best-practices association support for its members.

First Convention

The NLA held its first convention in October of 1995 in St. Louis. The fraternity of attorneys continued to grow its member base.

October 1995

October 1994

Name changed to the NLA

The board agreed to change the organizations name to “The National Lawyers Association” (“NLA”).

Organization Established

In response to the ABA’s abortion position, eight lawyers from around the country met in St. Louis, MO to discuss their options: Mario Mandino; Gino Bulso; Tom Maxwell; Mary Ann Johanek; Jim Cole; Dave Drury; Dennis Brennan; Michael Harris; and John Farnan. The group established the “National Lawyers for Life”, as an alternative to the ABA.

October 1993

August 1992

The ABA officially supports Abortion

During the annual meeting of delegates in San Fransisco, the American Bar Association (“ABA”), formally adopted full support of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that established the legal “right” to abortion. Thousands of ABA members reportedly resigned after the vote. The vote was 276 to 168 vote.

About the NLA

The National Lawyers Association (NLA) is a voluntary association of lawyers in the United States. Founded in 1993, the NLA is a not-for-profit organization that helps to support and improve the legal profession.

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