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Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Through our CLE partners, the NLA provides members with access to continuing legal education tailored to your specific needs. From the day you graduate law school until the time you leave the practice, we'll continue to provide opportunities for unique education that has an immediate impact on your practice and will meet state bar requirements. From online to in-person, the NLA provides continuing legal education tailored to fit your needs.

Continuing legal education provides lawyers with opportunities to learn new skills, stay abreast of new technology or laws, and increase their business acumen. And through our CLE partners, the NLA offers a multitude of CLE opportunities.

Top CLE Programs

When it comes to continuing legal education (CLE) activities, the NLA has the right legal resources to help busy lawyers meet their professional needs. To ensure that all NLA members have the best, most practical resources available, the NLA has partnered with some of the leading CLE providers to give our members quality CLE at discounted rates.

NLA Members receive 20% discount off of all CLE courses. You can choose over 800 on-demand and live webcast programs each month, including live conferences to connect with legal experts in your industry. Programs come from the leading providers of national and local CLE.


Through our best-practices partners, the NLA is firmly dedicated to providing our legal community with the most up-to-date, relevant information through on-demand learning, live workshops and webcasts.

Benefits Include:
  • 24/7 anytime availability from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Access to: 800+ programs, 90+ practice areas, and 30+ top CLE providers

  • Full CLE credit, seamless online tracking, and access to expert CLE Counselor service

About the NLA

The National Lawyers Association (NLA) is a voluntary association of lawyers in the United States. Founded in 1993, the NLA is a not-for-profit organization that helps to support and improve the legal profession.

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The NLA is the growing network of like-minded legal professionals. All members have access to an extensive array of benefits.


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