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The Covid pandemic has raised some legal issues concerning mandatory vaccinations and the NLA has received many calls and emails on this topic.   One set of concerns involves the notion of coercion.  Coercion, connected to medical interventions, raises moral issues of informed consent, the right to refuse the intervention and the moral restraints upon the person administering the product.  The dilemma of balancing individual rights and governmental interests is at the forefront of this issue.  Coercion can take many forms, which can include social marketing and paid advertising, direct mandates by government, employers, schools, shelters and prisons, and indirect mandates as conditions to obtain benefits, services, or access to travel.  In response to these concerns, the NLA is providing this page as a resource and will update with information from legal scholars and ethicists, and provide documents responsive to this issue.  It is our hope that this information will serve as a point of discussion, as it it important that we as a nation are ever willing to engage in vigorous civil debate over issues that impact our freedom.  

Government Documents

CDC Vaccine Mandates 

WHO Covid Mandatory Vaccination Policy Brief

Ethical Considerations 

National Catholic Bioethics Center Message

Mandates and Exemptions

50 State Update on Pending Legislation Pertaining to Employer Mandated Vaccinations

School Immunization Exemptions by State

Miscellaneous Articles 

Mandatory Employee Vaccines Coming to a State Near You

Can Covid 19 vaccines be mandatory 

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